introducing the pure
cordless vacuum cleaner

the cordless, fully realised...finally

unrivalled suction power

our patented suction intensifier delivers the strongest and most efficient useful suction of any cordless out there


endurance like no other

put simply, the lupe pure cordless cleans significantly more between charges than the competition

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control at your fingertips

with one head capable of cleaning all surfaces, the pure cordless is a true 3-in-1 vacuum that offers the best of all worlds wrapped into one convenient package

About Lupe

lupe technology is a
tech startup based in
bristol, UK

lupe is a new consumer tech brand founded by Pablo Montero and Lucas Horne, two former Dyson engineers, who’ve developed a revolutionary new cordless vacuum cleaner whilst simultaneously addressing the need for longer lasting products that are kinder to the planet

Our Story

happy customers


The most powerful vacuum I have ever used. As a test, I went over a space already vacuumed by my old machine, and the lupe picked up a whole lot more.

Siu (beta tester) Recent Review

A very positive experience using the lupe. It's easy to manoeuvre, user friendly and has great suction that doesn't decrease with battery life. The interchangeability of the attachments make it simple to clean up any surface and straight forward to clear blockages

Emma (beta tester) Recent Review

I love the lupe! At last a cleaner which is cordless AND powerful. It's conversion from an upright to handheld is easy & really useful. The head is small enough to get around the furniture

Hayley (beta tester) Recent Review

It's so light and easy to use. I love the bagless feature and it's easy to store.

Nick (beta tester) Recent Review

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