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"The Rolls Royce of vacuums"

"It may be the best all around cordless vacuum"

"It's a real beast"

"Full marks for its vacuuming power"

"Exceptional pick up on all types of surface"

"May look cute, but it sucks like a brute"

"Multifunctional cleaning across all surfaces"

"Dyson who?"

"The design of the vacuum truly feels like a labor of love"

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the pure cordless vacuum cleaner

nothing sucks like a lupe

Whilst “patented suction intensifier” may not roll off the tongue, it’s our powerful way of delivering twice the useful suction of a market leading competitor.*

*We know competitor, it sucks. Sorry not sorry.

nothing sucks like a lupe
more cleaning, less charging

more cleaning, less charging

Basically, in case you don’t speak graph, the Lupe Pure Cordless vacuum cleaner cleans significantly more between charges than other vacuums.

Literally it just goes on and on... and on.
You get the picture.

So whilst the competition is charging up, we’re still cleaning up.


one head cleans all. everything (even that)

Never have another “What does this bit do?” moment.

One uniquely formatted head is flexible enough to deal with all cleaning tasks, all surfaces, effortlessly.

That’s because our pure cordless is a true 3-in-1 vacuum, designed to do it all, neatly wrapped up in a sleek small package.

Suck it up stickvacs.

one head cleans all. everything (even that)

happy luper’s


"This is the best vacuum I have ever owned and I have had them all, trust me!"

Craig Bensted, UK

"...It is as if Lupe took all the short comings of a cordless vacuum and systematically worked to eliminate or reduce them..."

Sushrut Trakroo, US

"The attention to detail and finish is just perfect."

Tim Van Steenoven, NL

"My wife and I are competing over who does the vacuuming."

David Beard, AU

"....reduced my cleaning time in half."

Brian Wilson, UK

"This is by far the best vacuum I’ve ever had and I’ve owned Dyson, Shark, Eureka to name a few."

Justin Lipper, US
About Lupe

meet the first rebels of the cleaning market, our founders lucas horne and pablo montero

Rebels with a cause though... to challenge the cleaning market by designing not for design sake, but for what it takes to be the best.

Lupe Technology was born in 2015 and is based in Bristol, UK.

Our purpose as a company is to create class-beating cleaning products that last longer, without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources in the process.

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