Why Lupe has better performance

We know everybody says something similar- but really there is something different going on with Lupe. Put your snorkel on, we're going for a deep-dive....

How do you personally gauge a vacuum cleaner's power (or suction)? Put your hand on the end of the hose to see how strong it feels? That's normal- and many of the laboratory tests measure that.

But what is your vacuum cleaner doing most of the time its running? Sucking air through a pickup head. Isn't that a lot more relevant?

The fact is, most pickup heads- either deliberately (with flaps etc.) or inadvertently, have a lot of leaks/openings. Those openings waste the majority of that suction that you are feeling when you put your hand on the end of the hose. If its not being put to good use- you might as well not have it. It also is a waste of energy.

Efficiency is extremely important when running on batteries- so when Lupe wanted to develop something to 'fix' under-performing cordless vacuums- we focused on eliminating the waste of suction at the pick-up head.

We call this suction at the pick-up head "Useful Suction" and in this respect, the Pure Cordless is a game-changer.

Power that Endures

When you are considering cordless vacuum cleaners its not just how much suction you get, its also how long you get it for.

Almost all the headline claims about suction for other cordless vacuums are for its highest power setting. Almost all the battery life claims for other cordless vacuums are for....its lowest power setting. And no prizes for guessing- cleaning performance in that low setting is normally pretty non-existent.

Being super-efficient with getting our suction to the floor means that even in our low-power setting- Lupe really works amazingly well.

Check out how we compare with some of the competition- even corded machines.

(And before you think- "of course their own graphs look amazing"- the data in this graph is from a third party, so we're not faking it)

Curse you Engineers and your graphs!
What does this all mean?

It means you can pick up a lot more dust between charges than our competition. Like, a WHOLE LOT.

Check out this test of endurance (and we didn't even use the whole battery for this).

How we did it

In case you hadn't realized by now, Lupe's Founders worked for many years in R&D at a major appliance firm. We know a thing or two about vacuum cleaners. We also saw 10 times as many bad ideas as good ones!

Some of the best technology is the simple stuff.

We made something that eliminates waste of suction at the pick-up head, but still lets you pick up large debris.

Simple in execution, but years in the making. We call our design the Suction Intensifier, and we patented it.

In an industry where having lots of different attachments and heads to sell makes a lot of commercial sense, but no real sense in your home, we made a design that works well on carpet and hard floor with no settings to change.

Sometimes one head really is better than two.

Still not Convinced?

Grab a drink and watch this video made by an expert in the field.

Image of kid inside cupboard next to Lupe Cordless Vacuum

Built to Last

In an industry obsessed by sales numbers and profit margins, the Pure Cordless is unfashionably long lasting.

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