New Models? Not Needlessly Reinventing

Is there going to be a new Pure Cordless coming out soon? Short

Not Needlessly Reinventing is a bit of a mouthful but its an important differentiator for Lupe. Its quite unfashionable.

As consumers we've been groomed to expect "new", "better", every (or every other) year. In some areas that's warranted- computers, smartphones (well a few years ago, maybe not so much now) and in other areas it results in coming up with "innovations" that are really just there to have something to talk about to sound new.

Why doesn't Lupe like this? Well, it drives waste. Waste in making perfectly state-of-the-art products "old news" and waste in drawing people to throw out the 'old' and buy new, instead of repairing what can be repaired. It leads to more waste.

Lupe innovates where there is a need- and that need doesn't come from a marketing team meeting. The Pure Cordless is still  the best performing cordless on the market, and nothing has been innovated recently in the field or from competitors that changes that (and we are looking out for that!).

We launch products according to need and meaningful innovations, not just to have something for a launch date. We're proud not to have a new vacuum cleaner to launch this season- we're proud of the Pure Cordless as it is.

Now you may also naturally be wondering why we are offering an extra discount at the moment- are we clearing out stock to make way for a new model? Actually it is because we have noticed the impact of Dyson's latest model (the V12) on our sales. It is a mid-tier product and still inferior (in our opinions) to the Pure Cordless- but it is priced at 549 USD (at the time of writing). We want to make it easier for our customers to make a rational choice to go for us by taking price out of the equation.




Image of kid inside cupboard next to Lupe Cordless Vacuum

Built to Last

In an industry obsessed by sales numbers and profit margins, the Pure Cordless is unfashionably long lasting.

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