Read genuine reviews of the Pure Cordless vacuum cleaner.

customer reviews

"We wanted the Pure Cordless to be everything you'd expect of a modern vacuum cleaner, not just a cordless, and we have integrated every feature to the highest possible specification."

Lupe Technology

Press reviews

"The Rolls Royce of vacuums"

"It may be the best
all around cordless vacuum"

"It's a real beast"

"The design of the vacuum
truly feels like a labor of love"

"Full marks for
its vacuuming power"

"Exceptional pick up
on all types of surface"

"May look cute,
but it sucks like a brute"

"Even the lowest setting
had great suction on carpets"

"Multifunctional cleaning
across all surfaces"

"Dyson who?"

YouTube reviews
Top 3 best cordless vacuums 2021

out of 50 vacuums tested, find out where the Pure Cordless stands...


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