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Lupe Pure Cordless vacuum cleaner useful suction test

useful suction versus suction power

there is more than one type of suction? confusing… Floorcare marketers come up with many different metrics to help sell vacuum cleaners which is pr...
why we chose not to follow the stick vacuum cleaner trend

why we chose not to follow the stick vac trend

  putting the weight where it matters Some people have pointed out that the pure cordless is heavier than competitor stick vacs and therefore i...
A fine line between love and hate

what makes a vacuum cleaner good for pet hair?

The founders of Lupe both have pets (a long-haired dog and fluffy cat). Meet Bollo, a very handsome, but very annoying and furry cat. He’s constan...
what makes a vacuum cleaner good for allergy sufferers

to sneeze or not to sneeze, that is the question

What makes a vacuum cleaner good for allergy sufferers? Not all allergy filters are created equal. Some share some similarities with others, but wh...

interior dreamscapes with charlotte taylor, founder of maison de sable

Where did Maison de Sable begin, and how has your practice evolved since? Maison de Sable began as a personal fascination towards the development i...
Lucas & Pablo lupe technology founders blog post

meet pablo & lucas, founders of lupe technology

A different career path “Solving problems to make something intrinsically better and providing a tangible benefit to the consumer is very satisfyin...