"Weight In-hand" The Achilles Heel of Stick Vacs

Putting the weight where it matters.

Lupe Pure Cordless upright Lupe Pure Cordless hose Lupe Pure Cordless handheld

Some people have pointed out that the pure cordless is heavier than competitor stick vacs and therefore it will be a heavier weight in your hand making it harder to use around the home.

Yes, it is heavier than some, but that is because we designed it without compromise.

We chose to have a full 1 litre dust bin to minimise trips to the bin. We chose the best quality materials and components for extra durability to make it last longer. We chose to have a large capacity 81Wh battery for exceptional runtime. We chose to have dual counter rotating agitators in our patented cleaner head for excellent performance. 

However, it is not harder to use. Here is the sciency bit…

One of the main benefits of an upright configuration is that it helps to put the weight where it matters, which significantly reduces the weight in your hand compared to a stick vac.

The diagram below helps to explain the physics principal of moments. In our case, the main body centre of mass is creating a moment force that is rotating the vacuum cleaner towards the floor. The weight in hand force is the opposing moment force that is preventing the vacuum cleaner falling to the floor. Moment force is equal to the applied force multiplied by the distance from the pivot. Therefore, the closer the main body centre of mass to the pivot the less the weight in hand force. So even though the pure cordless is heavier than some, the weight in hand is less than the lighter stick vacs making it much easier to actually use around the home! Win.

Upright vacuum cleaner versus stick vac diagram

Note: handheld force gauge used to measure the weight in hand force of each vacuum cleaner held at 45 degrees angle to the floor.

how about cleaning high hard to reach areas?

In handheld mode the pure cordless has an outstanding 2m (6.5ft) reach to clean those high areas. And more importantly, you do not have to lift the weight of the whole vacuum cleaner to reach them. By simply removing the cleaner head you free up the main body to be held in one hand, then use the other hand to lift only the handle and stretch hose (0.5kg). Because it is lighter it makes it much more agile to clean those awkward spots.

With stick vacs you must lift the weight of the whole main body to reach those high areas, making vacuuming more of a chore and an arm workout you didn’t ask for.

High reach vacuum cleaner

Are there any other benefits over stick vacs?


The pure cordless can self-stand. OK, so vacuum cleaners have been able to do this for decades and is by no means revolutionary. However, whether you want to quickly empty the dust bin or take a pause whilst vacuuming, having a self-standing machine is really a nice feature to have. Stick vacs are too top heavy to be able to self-stand safely and can be a bit of a nuisance to use.

Another pure cordless benefit is that it is easy to store. Once you finish vacuuming you can simply stand it up or remove the cleaner head and handle to store away in a cupboard. As we have established stick vacs do not self-stand and in our opinion wall mounted docks positioned in one fixed place are an inconvenience you just don’t need.

Lupe Pure Cordless vacuum cleaner
Image of kid inside cupboard next to Lupe Cordless Vacuum

Built to Last

In an industry obsessed by sales numbers and profit margins, the Pure Cordless is unfashionably long lasting.

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