our story

founders lucas horne and pablo montero met while working together in the research and development department of a leading floor care brand, where they learnt a great deal about what a vacuum cleaner needs to do, but witnessed first-hand the unnecessary invention for invention’s sake and the consequential huge waste. lupe was founded to do something different.

lupe was founded in 2015 with the vision to solve the frustrations consumers were having with cordless vacuum cleaners that were becoming ever more popular but failing to deliver on expectations, both in performance and longevity. lupe’s philosophy is to innovate what we should do rather than what we could do. that means resilience not only against dirt and grime but also against changes in time and technology.

Core values

engineering a cleaner world


It's everywhere and we’re buying it all the time.

Our natural inclination is to accumulate, to add, to upgrade what we already have- and it drives a landfill waste problem.

At Lupe we’re mindful that we make ‘stuff’, but we want to do this in a respectful way.We always aim to innovate what we should, not what we could, so that our products serve their purpose well - without the stuff you don’t need.

Our products are designed to last as long as possible from carefully selecting manufacturing partners and materials to servicing your product for years to come.

But we can’t pretend our products don’t have a carbon footprint, so we’re going to offset that too.

What are we going to do?


We will offset carbon for the lifecycle of each Lupe Pure Cordless we sell*


Lupe aims to become carbon negative during 2023.


We will conduct a detailed assessment of our scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and formulate our carbon negative plan to put into action.

*Until we conduct our detailed assessment, we use the “Life cycle environmental impacts of vacuum cleaners and the effects of European regulation” report along with a high-end estimation on the carbon used to generate our battery pack taken from “Lithium-Ion Vehicle Battery Production. Status 2019 on Energy Use, CO2 Emissions, Use of Metals, Products Environmental Footprint, and Recycling” as guidance for how much carbon to offset. Result of calculation 325 kg CO2e. Full details here.


by innovating what we should do, not what we could do


to engineer a cleaner world

Our People

with a fresh outlook (and a clean sheet of paper) lupe was founded and the start of a five year journey began. through many hundreds of prototypes and testing, our team developed the patented suction intensifier technology to pick up dust more efficiently, and the unique lupe pure cordless platform to carry it.

whilst lupe began as an engineering challenge, we recognise the commercial realities of building a successful appliance brand. as a result, last year we began building a team of experienced individuals dedicated to the same core values that lupe was founded on and will continue to grow the team in line with our growth.

Our Factory

lupe manufactures their products to the highest quality standards in a swiss owned factory, ryder, located in shenzhen, china.  


we chose ryder for their swiss precision and decades of manufacturing experience with many well-regarded european and north-american brands. ryder also makes an incredible impact beyond their factory walls by putting their employees and communities' welfare as well as the environment first; values that are close to lupe's heart.


safeguarding employees

all team members in our factory are paid fairly and provided with training to ensure that they can develop and grow.


helping communities

our factory partners with local organisations and national charities providing them with practical, financial and moral support - learn more about their school assistance programme.


protecting the environment

ISO 14001 certified, our factory is committed to continuously drive improvements in environmental performance which is currently done through harvesting rainwater, collecting solar energy and making use of a ground source system for climate control.

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