About Lupe Technology.

We like to think of ourselves as the rebels of the cleaning world- in that we do what we should not what we could. Using our extensive expertise, and our desire to be kind to the planet, to make class beating products. Maybe it’s the Bristol engineering heritage (that’s where we're based) or maybe it’s high time someone cleaned up the cleaning market.

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Our Story.

Our founders met many years ago whilst working together in the research and development department of a leading floor care brand. They shared a no-nonsense vision: to engineer class-beating home appliances, without invention for inventions sake. That leads to obsolescence and  waste, which is not good for anyone, especially the planet. 

This vision created a very simple mission: To make technology stand the test of time.

So with these founding principles they started Lupe Technology, with something where they felt the competitors' products weren't cutting-it: the cordless vacuum cleaner.

With their “do what we should, not what we could”, mantra in mind, they got to work, lots of blood, sweat and head scratching later, they engineered the pure cordless, a vacuum cleaner with strength and enduring power that’s resilient against dirt and grime as well as changes in future technology. In doing so, they eradicated the things consumers found irritating about cordless vacuums - poor suction and short battery life. And engineered it so that the parts were easy to repair and replace, increasing it’s longevity.

The cordless fully realised... Finally.

Our people.

Most vacuum cleaner brands are huge corporations with institutional ownership. We're privately owned, and relatively smaller. That means we still care very much about our customers and take pride in our product.

We're dedicated, down-to-earth people who run our company like we make our products, focusing on what’s really needed.

We’re no-nonsense people and we hope you will find us as such. 

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Engineering a cleaner world.

Fact: the planet does not need more stuff.

But, hands up, we’re all guilty of buying more and more and more.

So at Lupe, we have had a proper think about what stuff is actually needed, so we can innovate what we should, not what we could. Every decision we make is on this principle, from carefully selecting manufacturing partners and materials, to servicing your product for years to come.

Sustainability isn’t just about doing things better in the physical world, it’s also about reducing your carbon footprint online. That’s why we partnered with Noughts & Ones to create this website. With a focus on people and planet first design and development, they’re ecommerce experts who choose to work exclusively with brands who want to do things better.

Spoiler alert, we’re not perfect ( yet), but the carbon footprint we do have, we offset. How?


We will offset carbon for the lifecycle of each Lupe Pure Cordless we sell.


Lupe aims to become carbon negative during 2024.

Not too distant future.

We will conduct a detailed assessment of our scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and formulate our carbon negative plan to put into action.

Our factory.

In keeping with Lupe’s philosophy, we looked for companies who not only manufactures their products to the highest quality standards, but who also share our core values.

So we chose Ryder, a Swiss owned factory, located in Shenzhen, China.  

Ryder boasts incredible swiss precision, as well as decades of manufacturing experience with many well-regarded European and north-american brands.

They also make an incredible impact beyond their factory walls by putting their employees and communities' welfare as well as the environment first; a company after our own heart.

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Safeguarding employees.

All team members in our factory are paid fairly and provided with training to ensure that they can develop and grow.

Helping communities.

Our factory partners with local organisations and national charities providing them with practical, financial and moral support.

Learn more about their school assistance programme.

Protecting the environment.

ISO 14001 certified, our factory is committed to continuously drive improvements in environmental performance which is currently done through harvesting rainwater, collecting solar energy and making use of a ground source system for climate control.

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See what the experts are saying about Lupe.

Sometimes it is better to let others do the talking for a bit…

“The Pure Cordless delivers truly impressive suction performance.”
“Feels like it’s built to last, and it did the job brilliantly.”
“Embodies everything a cordless vacuum should be”
“Multifunctional cleaning across all surfaces.”
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Built to Last

In an industry obsessed by sales numbers and profit margins, the Pure Cordless is unfashionably long lasting.

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