1. maintain excellent pick up

The Pure Cordless is fitted with a powerful brush bar for deep down cleaning of carpets. We advise cleaning any hair and fibres on a weekly basis to keep your pure cordless in tip top shape. A quick check of the brush bar and twist caps on a weekly basis is part of a good routine.

Follow the below steps to remove hair and thread from the brush bar.

Pure Cordless head pick-up

Always check and clean inside the twist caps and metal shafts on both the roller and brush bar for hair and fibres.

Pure Cordless roller and brush bar
2. optimum power mode

Selecting the power mode will help you get the most out of your Pure Cordless in terms of performance and run time. Over time we are sure you will figure out what works best for you, but below are some tips to start you off.

Pure Cordless power modes
Pure Cordless vacuum cleaner setting 1

Power level for maximum cleaning time, suitable for flat surfaces and most carpet types.
Up to 60 min.
Pure Cordless vacuum cleaner setting 2

Default level that is suitable for all surfaces and floors with deep crevices.
Up to 30 min.

Pure Cordless vacuum cleaner setting 3

Enhanced power, suitable for very dirty areas or use with the attachments and hose where extra suction might be required.
Up to 15 min.

3. keep suction high

Filling up to the max line and not above will ensure that suction remains strong. but if you do go above, or if debris gets stuck in the top of the dust bin, then it is very easy to clean.

Simply remove the cyclone (part with the metal mesh) by gently pulling on the finger tabs (highlighted orange in the image below). this will dislodge any debris, allowing the dust bin to be emptied.

Pure Cordless bin emptying Pure Cordless cyclone removal

Just give the metal grill a wipe before inserting back in.

Pure Cordless cleaning filter
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