Quality and Features

Not only is the Pure Cordless a high-performing product, it is a quality product built to last. There is a good reason for this…

Did you know 50% of small electrical appliances taken to waste processing in the European Union is from vacuum cleaners?

It's pretty shocking. Especially in cordless vacuums, many companies launch 'new' products year after year which drives perfectly usable, or easily repairable product to waste. This is perfectly understandable behaviour for large corporations concerned about growth and profit above all else.

Lupe is different. And the Pure Cordless is different.

It is fully serviceable and almost every part can be replaced. It has been designed to be as long-lasting as possible: using the best components and materials. It's been designed to be as easy to maintain as possible. We will support long-term ownership through open supply of spares and making upgrades available to battery packs and motors as technology moves on.

You don't throw your whole bicycle away if you want to upgrade a wheel or fit a new tyre - we take that approach to vacuum cleaners. We all need great performing products but in an age of huge waste a more conscious effort is required to make essential products last just a little longer. Its our founding principle.

See how the Pure Cordless is different

This photograph below from one of our pre-production prototypes shows how the Pure Cordless has been expertly engineered in detail to ensure the design can stand the test of time. It only got better from the point this photograph was taken.

Yes, the Pure Cordless is manufactured in the Far East- this is a commercial reality. But we chose a factory that pay workers fairly, have high standards of health and safety and is ISO14001 certified. It is committed to conducting business in a manner that delivers continuous improvement in environmental performance and protects the quality of communities where it operates through outreach and charity.

Our chosen factory:

- harvests rainwater

- collects solar energy

- makes use of a ground source system for climate control

This factory never made a vacuum cleaner before- and it shows (in a good way!)

We wanted the Pure Cordless to be everything you'd expect of a modern vacuum cleaner, not just a cordless, and we have integrated every feature to the highest possible specification.

Pickup Head

The most energy-efficient dust pick-up technology available intensifies the suction for deep-down cleaning across all surfaces - no settings to change.Two motorised agitators deal with any debris type - large, fine and pet hair.

Easy to remove both brush rollers simply using a coin.


Our Japanese brushless motor spins at 108.000rpm (twice as fast as a jet enginel and has exceptional energy efficiency it's also exceptionally durable.

Cyclonic Bagless Separator

With two stages of cyclonic separation and two stages of filtration the Pure Cordless is of the cutting edge of dust separation technology.
With a genuine 1000cc (liter) capocity the Lube pure cordless has the one of the largest bin capacities of any cordless. Less bin emptying to get the job done quicker

It is also really easy to empty


The Pure Cordless 32.4V 81Wh Li-Ion battery delivers 60 minutes of powerful cleaning from one single charge. The LEDs on the front communicate accurate charge capacity remaining.The battery can be charged on the machine with no dock, or taken out and charged discretely while the machine is stowed away in a cupboard.The Pure Cordless has 9 Murata (formerly Sony) high drain, high capacity lithium-ion cells. The battery pack is fitted with a fully featured protection board to monitor health of the battery and communicate with the control system in the Pure Cordless to always ensure optimum performance.

HEPA Anti-Allergy Filter

A genuine HEPA (H13) filter separating 99.99% of fine dust and allergens down to 0.3 millionths of a meter. Easy to remove and wash for optimum performance. Other brands use lower grade filters that allow 100's of times more fine dust through.

Accessory Tools

We've focused on giving you the multi-function accessory tools that are useful, not a drawer-full that clutters your home and never gets used.An upholstery tool and a crevice tool both with slide up/down bristles for dusting.The Pure Cordless is supplied with a holder to attach them to the product to save you losing them.

Simple Controls

The Pure Cordless has very simple controls to access the three power modes and to turn-off/override the brush roller for delicate surfaces.