which regions/countries do you deliver to?

We currently deliver to the below regions for products purchased on our website.


- UK (including Northern Ireland, Highlands & Islands)

- Austria

- Belgium

- Bulgaria

- Croatia

- Cyprus

- Czechia

- Denmark

- Estonia   

- Finland      

- France

- Germany

- Mainland Greece

- Hungary

- Ireland

- Italy

- Latvia

- Liechtenstein

- Luxembourg

- Malta

- Netherlands

- Poland

- Portugal

- Romania

- Slovakia

- Slovenia

- Spain

- Sweden


- Hong Kong

- Japan

- Singapore

- South Korea

- Taiwan

United States

For more information about deliveries, visit our delivery page.

what is the price of the pure cordless?

designed for long-term ownership, the pure cordless is a true replacement to your mains machine and is priced at £699.
It comes with:

- the strongest and most efficient suction of any cordless out there,

- a 30 day return policy should you change your mind.

You also have the option to make 3 payments of £233.00 at checkout using klarna at no extra cost.

Why does the Pure Cordless cost £699?

the pure cordless is a premium machine featuring the latest technology in brushless motors, batteries and dust collection.

It has outstanding performance in terms of power suction and battery life.

it has also been designed for long-term ownership been fully serviceable and has been built using the best components and materials.

you will not find the same level of quality, attention to detail and power that endures anywhere else.

Why is the Pure Cordless better than other cordless vacuums?

our patented suction intensifier delivers the strongest and most efficient suction of any cordless out there (nearly twice the useful suction of leading competitors) with optimum pick up across different surfaces and debris types - large, fine and pet hair. 

with one universal cleaner head you don't waste time changing the cleaner head for different floor types or opening and closing manual flaps, the performance is always optimised.

It's designed to last with no built in obsolescence and is manufactured to the highest quality standards in a Swiss owned factory.

How does the performance of the Pure Cordless compare with market leading competitors?

it has nearly twice the useful suction of the nearest competitor cordless vacuum and can remove 100% of dirt from deep down crevices while running for 60 minutes in normal power.
we have not measured any vacuum cleaner that can achieve the same level of performance as the pure cordless.

How long does the Pure Cordless battery last?

- eco: power level for maximum cleaning time, up to 60 min.

- normal: default level that is suitable for general use, up to 30 min.

- max: enhanced power for particularly dirty areas, up to 15 min.

normal and middle settings are perfect for the majority of use, but 15 minutes of high power provides peace of mind for particularly hard to clean areas.

What's the guarantee on the Pure Cordless?

we offer a 2 year guarantee including the battery.

the pure cordless has been put through extensive testing, including drop testing and 500 hours of durability testing to ensure it met our rigorous requirements. 

How do I register my guarantee?

your 2-year guarantee is automatically applied when buying on lupe technology's website.

if you bought your product on another platform, please visit our guarantee registration page and follow the instructions.

What happens if my Pure Cordless battery expires / loses power after 2 years?

the battery is removable and can easily be replaced with a new battery.

battery performance over time depends on many factors including usage per week, discharging power mode and charging habits.

I have a problem with my Pure Cordless.

please refer to the pure cordless user guide or contact us via our troubleshooting chatbot.

How can I return my unit?

please read through our return policy.

How long have Lupe been operating?

lupe technology was founded in 2014 by 2 industry experts that have spent over 5 years researching and designing the next generation cordless vacuum cleaner - with the vision of engineering a cleaner world.

want to know more? visit our about us page.

Why have I never heard of Lupe before?

lupe is a new brand led by industry experts with many years experience working for a leading floor care brand.

I'd like to sell Lupe products, how do I do this?

click on the link on Trade Signup to apply for a trade account.
please note all applications are vetted prior to approval.

Can I return my Pure Cordless if I don't like it?

we offer a no quibbles 30 day trial period.

if you change your mind within 30 days, contact us via our return page and we will provide you with a return authorisation number.

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