interior dreamscapes with charlotte taylor, founder of maison de sable

Where did Maison de Sable begin, and how has your practice evolved since?

Maison de Sable began as a personal fascination towards the development in 3D artwork and my desire to be involved in this medium. Up until now it has been a platform to showcasing my personal concepts and promote various creatives works that complement the ethos of Maison. As my work is becoming more and more render orientated, the platform is adapting to support this. Maison is now evolving into a cross agency creative studio in which I am working exclusively with a small collection of talented render artists, whom with their skills and eclectic styles are moving Maison into the next exciting chapter. 

Maison de Sable Scena 1

©  Casa Organica - Charlotte Taylor x Nova Visualis

How do you begin building ideas for a project?

Research is always at the core of my work; I’m a hoarder of images and visual material. When beginning a project I always refer to my references and devise sketches around a concept from some inspired details or spatial elements.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

Everyday is completely different, as I tend to work 15+ projects at any given time. I’m an early riser so generally speaking my mornings from around 6 are dedicated to emails and my evenings are often hand drawing for projects. I am currently working on a number of personal and commissioned home projects with various collaborators. Something very exciting for the studio at the moment is the step we’re making into physical space and interiors, translating the 3D concepts into concrete buildings.
Maison de Sable Scena 2Maison de Sable Kitchen Maison de Sable Dining Room

© Casa Organica - Charlotte Taylor x Nova Visualis; Tiled House - Charlotte Taylor x Hannes Lippert

What has been your favourite project to work on and why?

My favourite project to date is one that is still in progress, Villa Saracni with Riccardo Fornoni. It’s a completely fantastical project in that it would be impossible to build in such a location, yet, the structure itself and the detailing is all possible. We wanted to achieve something with touches of reality despite its imagined nature; a lit cigarette, the paper open on a crossword and other subtle details. This in between the actual and surreal is a topic I’m pushing more and more in my recent work.

image of Villa Saraceni, Scala dei Turchi by Charlotte Taylor and Riccardo Fornoni

© Villa Saraceni, Scala dei Turchi - Charlotte Taylor x Riccardo Fornoni

What would your dream project be?

My dream project would definitely be a physical home in a far fetched location, a desert or costal setting perhaps. In terms of clients, I would love to work for the AMAN.

What is your favourite city or place to find inspiration?

LA. The amount of homes by architects I admire is overwhelming, the setting of such homes as well is really something of wonder.


You can find Charlotte’s work at @maison_de_sable and @charlottetylr.
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