Dyson Gen5Detect vs. Dyson V15: Big Deal?

Is the Dyson Gen5Detect Worth the Upgrade?

The Dyson Gen5Detect is now available in most territories. It is the new flagship cordless vacuum from Dyson. This new model comes with a number of improvements over its predecessor, the V15 Detect, but is it worth the upgrade?

It comes at a pretty eye-watering price (we say that as a brand that sells what is objectively a premium vacuum cleaner!). Are the improvements worth paying for?

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the Gen5Detect and compare it to the V15 Detect to see if it is worth the extra money.

Let us be clear: we are not here to denigrate Dyson. They make products that a lot of people love. But Lupe is on a mission to prevent unnecessary innovation, so when something "New" comes out we always like to have a closer look to see what's behind the marketing.

What's New in the Dyson Gen5Detect?

Overall if you squinted at the photos of both units, they do look awfully similar. They are both Dyson stick-vacs of course. So we'll take a closer look at the spec sheets and the images to see whats what.

The Dyson Gen5Detect features a number of new or improved features over the V15 Detect, including:

  • There is a new motor design that makes the overall package of the main body shorter. 
  • The new motor design that is more slightly powerful. The claimed system suction is up from 262 "Airwatts" vs 230 "Airwatts". As a percentage this is 13.9%. Whilst more raw suction power is obviously better, this is actually quite a slight increase that has come at quite a weight penalty.
  • It appears to have larger HEPA filter- this is useful because it should mean it can go longer between washing. (However, we have noted amongst internet forums that a lot of consumers struggle to get Dyson HEPA filters fully clean. This issue would be alleviated (a little) by a bigger HEPA filter)
  • The machine is 3.5kg instead of 3.0kg. This suggests that the battery is slightly bigger to support the new motor. This is consistent with a higher claimed maximum run time (on low power) of 70min (compared to 60min on the V15). When all the weight is carried by your hand in a stick format, this extra weight is not so good.
  • A new crevice tool that is integrated into the main body of the vacuum. We're curious to see how well this performs in the home.


....almost everything else (apart from the colours) looks pretty similar to a V15. Which itself wasn't a huge jump from the V11.

Is the Dyson Gen5Detect Worth the Upgrade?

Whilst there are tangible improvements they really are incremental.

Please check your pricing in your territory, but unless you really want the "latest and greatest" that Dyson has to offer, and don't mind paying, we think the V15 (or indeed a V11) is a lot better of a value proposition.

We'd very much call this latest model evolution rather than revolution.

Why are Lupe writing about this launch?

Lupe is on a mission to make people to keep and care for the products they buy for as long as possible. We don't like innovating just to have something to talk about.....as it drives waste. We innovate what we should- not just what we could. 

We made the Pure Cordless with some patented technology to improve the efficiency of suction on battery power, and put it into the best product we could. Though time has passed there isn't any performance upgrade on the market we would make for it....so far. We're purposeful not to have a large marketing team asking for the 'Next Big Thing'- we're led by technology and need, not by launch windows.

Most other brands operate the other way round- they want to launch something, and they will find technology to market it with. Unfortunately, we would put the Gen5Detect into this category as it's benefits are so incremental.



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