Are you comparing Us to Dyson? The V12? Some things to consider...

So....if you are getting this far on our website there is a good chance your budget for a vacuum cleaner is in the $500+ region. And if that is true, then you probably are trying to decide whether the Pure Cordless, or the recently released Dyson V12 is right for you- indeed they are similarly priced.

Dyson V12 is new in 2022, right, so it must be "better"? Well actually there are some things to bear in mind, and indeed it may be better for you than the Pure Cordless- but if it is, we want it to be an informed choice for you.

Firstly, the V12 is a mid-tier model from Dyson- it is not a flagship. As the naming suggests, they view it lower down than the V15 variants.

What do we mean by 'lower'? Well, just less capable in the key categories of power and capacity.

To put some numbers on it (Dyson's own numbers using the AirWatts metric): The V15 has 230 AW on its maximum setting, the V12 has only 150 AW. That's a LOT less.

What does this mean using the Useful Suction metric? Well the V15 has 2100 Pascals, the V12 has only 1380 Pascals (so that roughly ties up with the AirWatts Dyson cites). For comparison, the Pure Cordless has 3000 Pascals.

What about capacity? The V15 is 0.76L, and the V12 is 0.35L (and the Pure Cordless is 1.0L). The V12 is really too small to be the only machine in your home.

A smaller, lighter-duty machine may just be what you want- in which case the V12 is a fine choice. But if you want a cordless as your primary machine, then the V12 just won't cut it (in our humble opinions)- you'd need to be looking at the V15 or Outsize if that's what you are after, and indeed that's a fairer comparison to the Lupe Pure Cordless.

One "innovation" we think is great on the V12....they finally got rid of the trigger switch!

You can find a more detailed technical comparison of models here.

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