Are we Offically Experts? Pablo's "Expert Vacuuming Tips" in The Press

Since a very young age, I always dreamed of being an authority on vacuum cleaners....(actually no I think I wanted to do something with planes). Funny where life takes you, and here I am bragging about it! were doing a piece on vacuuming tips and sought my advice about a number of things. The journalist kept coming back for more questions and so actually the article ended up being quite extensive, and indeed citing me as the author! I cover a range of topics from best practices on cleaning/maintaining vacuums (not just our own) as well as don't-do's.

For better or worse, I don't really have an agenda when it comes to vacuuming advice- there is a lot of personal choice/preference on the topic and I know what Lupe or Lupe's customers prefer, may not be right for everyone. So if it helps people get the best from their machine (whatever it may be) then I am glad to help!


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